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How It Works

Alaska Vacations is a vacation tour site for Alaska Airlines operated by Explore Tours - which means you get the best service from Alaska Adventure Experts. 

“Why should I book with Explore Tours?”

The list goes on, so we'll start with three of the major reasons we find most important. Please email to inquire more about working with Explore Tours.

Because we sell only Alaska, we do it well!

As a local tour operator, we specialize in creating unique itineraries customized according to YOUR needs. We carry contracts with hundreds of different Alaskan vendors, offering a variety of products at all different levels. From exciting excursions and unique lodging to boat charters or exclusive behind the scenes tours... We can put together virtually any travel package while factoring in your personal style, budget and preferences. Email your itinerary request to our local team of travel experts and we will get back to you with a no obligation quote.

Our local advice is invaluable!

You'll have peace of mind that we won't recommend just "any" package to every customer. We take pride in our extensive client consultation and fully qualify your needs upfront. If you want to steer off the beaten path, we'll arrange a trip to backcountry destinations away from mainstream visitor traffic. Depending on your interests, we'll tell you about the "must see" activities, items that sell out quickly or others that you can hold off on and add when you're here. We'll also share when and where to visit for seasonal activities. For example, we know when you can find the greatest concentration of Grizzlies for the best photo ops, where the elusive "Monster" Rainbow Trout hit hardest on the Kenai River in the fall, or you how to connect with an Iditarod racer to learn to mush your own team of dogs!

Our team of dedicated and experienced Alaska travel experts!

Our staff is proud to live in Alaska year round and are eager to show you our GIANT backyard!.. which can be a bit of a logistically challenging area to navigate around. So we provide you with all of the planning tools you need from a local perspective. Explore's team of experts know the roads, schedules, accessibility, and traffic patterns, eliminating the guesswork for you. We'll tell you what to bring, what to expect, how to get there, when to check in and more! You can simply be on vacation and leave all the details to us.